Pastor & Leaders


Rev. Tyler Bayless, Pastor

Pastor Tyler is honored to serve at First Presbyterian and be a part of the community of Toronto. He was called to be our Pastor in October of 2015. He has an undergraduate degree from Youngstown State University and a Masters of Divinity from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. In addition to serving the church, he also serves on the Board of Director's Beaver Creek Church Camp and, previously, at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Prior to being called to First Presbyterian, he served churches in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania and Wellsville, Ohio. Pastor Tyler resides in Toronto with his wife, Molly, and their daughter, Ava. 


Craig McCasland, Director of Music


Karen Shell, Rehearsal Accompanist


Ben Beswick, Clerk of Session


Session Members

Class of 2019                 Class of 2020                Class of 2021

Dolores Boggs                  Mark Holtzman                Brant Boka

Tammy Beswick              Judy Miller                        Goldia Smurda

Connie Crawford             Terry Wolter                      Cathie Young




Class of 2019                Class of 2020                Class of 2021

Julie Stovarsky               Kevin Gillis                         Diane Boka

Ashley Owings                Joe Shimmel                      LaDawn Firm

Bonnie Wilson                Mary Ann Stovarsky        Edward Weidger